WEG-Wise Africa is a business consulting firm with a focus on public sector investment in developing countries. WEG-Wise help to identify commercial opportunities, advise on strategic cooperation, develop bankable business plans, write project proposals and investment propositions, acquire financing, and provide technical assistance and project management. Since 2009, we have successfully assisted many local government organisations and private companies to qualify for grants, loans and equity from various sources, generally for investment projects in Africa and the Netherlands.


WEG-Wise Netherlands is active in the research and development aspects of the services utilities sector. WEG is an acronym created from the words: Water, Electricity, Gas. Since 2009 the company has been involved in the development of a water management system for the South African Market and in developing back office applications for utilities in Europe. Since 2009, we have successfully developed several water management systems. The latest developments are in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).  The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of devices, sensing, collecting and exchanging data. The number of IoT devices is estimated to be around 30 billion in the year 2020. But before these developments in The IoT market  to happen, the problem of powering all these – often small, wireless and mobile – devices must be solved. Powering through cabling is too inflexible and expensive. Powering by batteries poses a logistic problem (finding and replacing empty batteries) as well as an environmental problem (disposal of used batteries) that will not be tolerated by the market. The basis for our development will be the so-called rectifying antennas (rectennas), to remotly power the IoT sensors. Next step in our developments are  real wireless power. Think of all of the devices you rely on every day: smartphone, remote control, smoke alarm, electric  toothbrush. Now imagine you never have to think about charging them again. No more plugging devices into the wall. No more replacing the batteries. Please see for more information our Boundless-IOT website
Water-Wise is a South African company that was formed to take advantage of the opportunities for water management solutions that exists in South African local authorities as well as in the private sector. This company is part of the WEG-Wise Africa Joint venture with the Dutch WEG-Wise companies. They are the company which will do the coordination in South Africa of all the marketing and sales activities, but also the coordination of necessary transfer of skills, project management, logistics, etc.Please see Water-wise web-site